Early birds on seo catch the first worms

Search engine optimization or abbreviated as SEO are the keywords when it comes to getting the best in Digital Marketing. Consumers with high buying power are busy bees, and generally lack the time for window shopping of their needs. They are consumers, stressed, but are consumers and that is a fact. They buy and do buy with an iota of high intelligence, coupled with cash in their wallets. Reining them is a different ball game, because they are in most probability computer buffs and who would have the time to tap a few keys, but not pound their feet on the sidewalk looking for what they want or need.

These consumers are the potential customers for online marketing, and all channels should be directed towards giving them the search engine marketing or sem platform that they would direct their energies to. Communication is advanced to a great extent today with most human beings contactable, at anytime and anywhere. This lends credence to the oft spoken words of marketing, “Satisfying consumer needs profitably”.

An experienced Digital marketing Agency would plan and implement and aggressive search marketing campaigns to rein in customers who would be spending the limited time they have on their hands browsing search engines for their needs. In all probability they would log onto the best of search engine ranking as they would want the best for themselves like any consumer anywhere. These high nett worth individuals need all the information to be provided to them before they would make a purchase.

The web marketing agency handling the specific campaign should have all the information related to the product or service before they embark on the web marketing campaign. Consumers would look at the reputation of the Digital marketing company and standing in the market and this could be an advantage too, in the deciding factor.

Melbourne seo is one such seo company with a very high reputation having handled some very high profile products during the time that they have been in the seo services business. Their reputation is held in handsome regard, and they have some very well known search engine marketing orsem campaigns in their impressive list of portfolios executed over the years.

Every search engine marketing or search em company would always strive to keep their clients on a high exposure level and with that, they too would be rewarded for their efforts. Their reputation to provide quality seo services will not go un-noticed. They would create a special niche for themselves in the competitive search engine optimization orSEO industry. To remain consistent is no easy task, and it requires an immense level of commitment and dedication by all their staff.

Every cog in the wheel must work smoothly, all departments must work in cohesion and on time, only then could they wear the mantle of being a reliable web marketing agency.


Are you in the waiting list for a job?


There are hundreds of young people kicking their heels in job queues throughout the globe. Specially in Srilanka where jobs seem to be insufficient to cover the demand, many young people are desperate without jobs. But we at Rakiyawa believe that this a wrong attitude. Because there are enough of jobs available .There are thousands of vacancies to be filled. Despite the fact that many vacancies are filled every day, there still remains a lot of vacancies for jobs in Srilanka.

In comparison with many countries, Srilanka may be called a poor country, and it may be thought that there is a large number of unemployed people in Srilanka,  but in reality this may not be the truth. Because as reputed job providers we ourselves know that there are thousands of vacancies filled though our agencies day by day.. Some of the very good top jobs are available for the correct candidates. It’s not true when someone says that there are no jobs in Srilanka.

It is almost a wonder that there are hundreds or even thousands of new vacancies available for new jobs.
But Who says that  there are no best jobs vacancies.? Of course there are. But people are  not aware of the huge range of jobs that are available. Call us or send us your CV. We will consider your application and process it fast, so that you get the job of your dreams within the least possible time.
Yes , there is a  long list of job titles. So, if you too are one of those guys who think that there is a dearth in jobs in Srilanka, just change that view immediately. There are many new jobs. All kinds of jobs, some of which are considered high ranking are available .So, just be with us. We will guide you to find the best job for you



A grand wedding is the dream of every young girl, it is a dream she would one day like to live in all it’s splendor that she has dreamt of every night. Dreams come true they say, and there is nothing that could put a dream asunder if the right people work together to bring the logistics together and realize the dream of the dreamer.

Function Junction is the one place that can bring dreams into the realm of reality, by providing the right platform for everyone concerned to put their expertise and experience together and make dreams happen.

Never has there been a common platform for those involved in events and functions to trade their experience and expertise to their mutual benefit. Function Junction has now provided the common platform and exchanging ideas has become that much easier.

Only function or event providers would register for a fixed minimum annual fee which are categorized in three or more levels, the rest who seek their services would have free access to the site to select the choices they need. They would be members who are planning to have an event or function and others who are event or function organizers.

Event providers who could be on the site are unlimited, as anyone with anything to make a function or event successful can be up there making their presence felt. Music bands, Dancing troops, Photographers, Videographers, Beauticians, shoulder to shoulder with Catering services, Cake suppliers, can all come together on the same platform and add the spice of healthy competition, to offer the best services at the most competitive prices, to their discerning clientele.

Function Junction will facilitate those involved to meet and work together but will not involve in monetary transactions which would be the prerogative and responsibility of the two parties concerned. The Party lighting suppliers should work in coordination with the Decorators and it is their responsibility to trade their wares efficiently and conscientiously to the satisfaction of the event organizer or planner.

Timing is the essence in finally looking back and pondering the success of an event or function. The Hiring cars should get the VIP’s and guests on time to the venue, any delay on their part could be disastrous, and the event could turn into a nightmare.